secorner02_2Red Madrona Gardens is a small garden design company serving the Seattle area. I established it in 2003 to help people create beautiful, easy-care gardens that offer year-round structure and interest. I do consultations, landscape designs, maintenance, and containers.

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As Red Madrona Gardens, Karen has provided my house with year round garden pleasure. When I purchased my home few years back, I knew I wanted to transform the bland “grass and odd lot perennials” that the previous owner had left, into a fragrant, sustainable, easy to maintain sanctuary. Karen was very detail oriented, easy to work with, well versed in what species would flourish, and where to source them. In addition to the original design, sourcing, planting, she has been invaluable in periodic maintenance and updates as the garden matured – really a great resource for northwest gardening!

–Daniel P., Seattle, WA

Red Madrona Gardens has been a lifesaver for my husband and me. Karen has redesigned our yard beautifully, providing plants that thrive in our shady yard and provide color throughout the year. Friends often remark on our unique plants and even how nice our yard smells. Karen also provides routine maintenance for us, and we are grateful for her attention to detail and ability to prune our plants so they can show off their natural beauty. We feel very fortunate to be able to rely on Karen’s landscaping expertise.

–Laura L., Seattle, WA

Karen is such a pleasure to work with.  She listened to the general idea that we had in mind and then she ran with it.  Our yard had some specific challenges with both shade and drainage.  She took our unique yard characteristics into consideration when developing the overall design.  Her expert knowledge really paid off and we were really pleased with the final results.  Thank you Karen!

–Alan G., Bainbridge Island, WA

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